The Army is leveraging commercial information system security technology to develop detect/respond/protect capabilities for the systems and networks of the Tactical Internet and the First Digitized Division. One tool essential to this mission is an Internet Attack Simulator capable of simulating internet-based attacks. The threat scenarios simulated by this tool are based on an ACS-developed Internet Attack Taxonomy, which categorizes known attack signatures into four major categories.

ACS has developed an HLA interface for the IAS, alowing it to be integrated into distributed simulation environments and used in live-virtual exercises. ACS is refining the HLA interface within the context of existing models of Army tactical networks that provide realistic digital data communications and communications effects to the simulation and training environment. As models of additional Command and Control systems are integrated into this environment, the attack scenarios and HLA interface will be adapted to include attacks on those systems, leading to eventual use of the IAS in full-scale distributed simulation experiments. The IAS has recently been integrated with network analysis tools to provide a planning system for network managers to assess the performance of proposed networks against a variety of threat scenarios.

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