Performance modeling—the use of detailed engineering models to simulate and analyze the performance of one or more components of a system architecture—is used to perform trade-off studies and "what if?" analyses that result in optimal design choices and maximum system effectiveness.

ACS harnesses this powerful M&S technology as a means of improving system performance and controlling life cycle costs. Our efforts in this area are ongoing and include the development of tools to streamline the M&S process; model development, design, and testing; and simulation setup, execution, and analysis.

ACS currently supports performance modeling of the Army's Tactical Internet using the C4I Modeler's Tool Suite, software tools developed by ACS as part of a Small Business Innovation Research R&D effort to optimize the setup and post-simulation data reduction and analysis required for experiments using large-scale C4I networks. ACS also develops, enhances, and maintains models of the Army's next-generation C4I systems.


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